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Episode 35: How To Build Lasting Memberships Within The Church

Being able to talk to your brothers and sisters in Christ is important to your spiritual growth. Without that kinship you would be walking alone in this life. Remember that Jesus had friends and brothers in the Disciples! Never walk alone. How can we build such close friendships within the body? Why is it so … Continue reading Episode 35: How To Build Lasting Memberships Within The Church

Episode 34: What a Healthy Relationship Requires

What does it take to make a relationship work? Does being the same religion truly matter? Is the Bible still relevant in today’s relationships? In this episode we talk about all the things we need to do in order to cultivate HEATHY relationships! Time Stamps: Introduction: 0:00-2:28 Disclaimer 2:29-2:59 Topic of Relationships: 3:00-1:09:46 Closing/Recommendations: 1:09:47-1:10:55 … Continue reading Episode 34: What a Healthy Relationship Requires

Episode 25: Living For God

Living for God is more than just following a set of rules. Living for God means putting your wants and wishes to the side. If means having faith in Him to know that He will guide, guard, and direct your steps! How can we do that through our adversities and rough days? We go over … Continue reading Episode 25: Living For God

Episode 24: Characteristics of a Good Role Model

In this episode, we discuss the types of role models we have in our life and the difference between spiritual and worldly roles models. Where do your role models stand? Are they bring you closer or farther away from God? Socials:https://www.instagram.com/theparablep…https://www.facebook.com/ParablePreacherhttps://twitter.com/ParablePreacher For more ParablePreacher content visit our site:https://parablepreacher.com