Episode 24: Characteristics of a Good Role Model

In this episode, we discuss the types of role models we have in our life. The difference between spiritual and worldly role models. Where do your role models stand? Are they bringing you closer or farther from God?

Episode 25: Living for God

Living for God is more than just following a set of rules. Living for God means putting your wants and wishes to the side. It means having faith in Him to know that He will guide, guard, and direct your steps! How can we do that through our adversities and rough days? We go over that and more in this episode.

Episode 26: Forgiveness

In this episode we discuss the topic of “Forgiveness”, do we forgive others who wrong us? Have we asked for forgiveness? Have we been able to forgive ourselves? Listen as we talk it out with our special guest in this episode of The ParablePreacher Podcast.

Episode 27: Establishing A Relationship with God

In this episode, we discuss the ways of how we establish a strong relationship with God and dive into personal ways that we maintain that as well. How strong is your current foundation with God?