Episode 34: What a Healthy Relationship Requires

What does it take to make a relationship work? Does being the same religion truly matter? Is the Bible still relevant in today’s relationships? In this episode we talk about all the things we need to do in order to cultivate HEATHY relationships! Time Stamps: Introduction: 0:00-2:28 Disclaimer 2:29-2:59 Topic of Relationships: 3:00-1:09:46 Closing/Recommendations: 1:09:47-1:10:55 … Continue reading Episode 34: What a Healthy Relationship Requires

Episode 32: Self Hate

In this episode we talk about how self hate can affect our lives. How can we overcome self hate and begin to love ourselves the way God would want us to? We share our personal stories and struggles with Self Hate and what we have done to move past that into self love. Remember that … Continue reading Episode 32: Self Hate

Episode 31: Giving

In the Season 4 Premiere we talk about giving properly, social media use, and willfully serving God during worship service. Forgive any background noise as we had landscaping being done.  Scriptures Used: Mark 12:41-44 Matthew 6:25-34 0:00-0:32: Introduction  0:33-1:02: Disclaimer 1:03-1:50: Overview 1:51-10:09: Check In/Social Media Talk 10:10-37:51: Topic of “Giving” 37:52-52:40: Topic of “Church … Continue reading Episode 31: Giving

Episode 28: Opening Up About God

In this episode, Jourdan and Blake discuss the ways we open up about God in our personal lives, with friends, and how to maintain that openness. Have you been open with God? Have you told your friends about God? Lets dive in the discussion. Socials:…​​​ For more ParablePreacher content visit our site: … Continue reading Episode 28: Opening Up About God

Episode 27: Establishing a Relationship with God

In this episode we discuss the ways of how we establish a strong relationship with God and dive in personal ways that we maintain that as well. How strong is your current foundation with God? Scriptures: James 4:6-10 James 5:1-8 Mark 5:1-20 Socials:…​​​ For more ParablePreacher content visit our site:

Episode 26: Forgiveness

In this episode we discuss the topic of “Forgiveness”, do we forgive others who wrong us? Have we asked for forgiveness? Have we been able to forgive ourselves? Listen as we talk it out with our special guest in this episode of The ParablePreacher Podcast. Socials:… For more ParablePreacher content visit our site:

Episode 24: Characteristics of a Good Role Model

In this episode, we discuss the types of role models we have in our life and the difference between spiritual and worldly roles models. Where do your role models stand? Are they bring you closer or farther away from God? Socials:… For more ParablePreacher content visit our site:

Episode 23: Goals

We as human all have goals in this lie. However, how should we approach achieving our goals? Consulting God is a must, when it comes to our finances and careers. What are some ways in which we can’t keep going spiritually, all the while keeping God first?

Episode 22: How to Deal with Failure

When most people think about failure, they instantly think about it being negative. However, as we discuss in this episode failure is what you make of it. We must remember that every single person in the Bible (except Jesus) failed on multiple occasions. They learned to accept it and then they grew from it. Growing however, is easier said then done. In this episode, we discuss how to overcome the failures in life.

2 Corinthians 12:9-10
Romans 5:3-8

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Growing Pains

A staggering amount of people never complete their spiritual metamorphosis. This is not due to a lack of trying, however, it’s due to pain. Growing pains! Growth does not come easy, nor is it simple. Pain is a requirement for true growth. We as humans do not and cannot grow without adversity. Along our journey, … Continue reading Growing Pains

Episode 21: Questioning God

In this episode, we talk about what it means to question God. What is the difference between blaming God and questioning Him? Is it really a sin for us to question God? If it’s not a sin then what are the ways in which one can question God? We talk about this and much more on this episode!

Scriptures Used:
Matthew 27:46 (Read Matthew 25-27:45 for context)
Psalms 10:1-18
Titus 2:7-8
Matthew 5:16
Psalms 27:1

Time Stamps
Introduction: 0:00-1:05
Disclaimer: 1:06-1:42
Check-In: 1:43-4:53
New Format Explanation: 4:53-8:10
Topic: 8:11-35:39
Quick Community Updates: 35:40-37:43
Inspirational Scriptures/Prayer: 37:44-40:55
Closing: 40:56-41:17


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Division From Within

Hey guys it’s Blake; I know it has been a while. I have something on my heart that I want to share. Since ParablePreacher season 2 ended, I’ve been doing a lot of assessments on the world and myself while focusing on my own journey with God. With that being said, I’m seeing so much … Continue reading Division From Within

Reflect With Purpose

It recently occurred to me that I wasn’t the same person I used to be. That I had changed over the years. Change is not necessarily good or bad. It truly depends on the effect it has on your life. Taking a reflective look I saw a lot more negativity than I care to admit. … Continue reading Reflect With Purpose


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