Episode 37: No Idols Above The Lord (Setting Proper Priorities)

In this episode, we discuss how things in life can take precedent over God. We need to earn money, spend time with family and have time to relax. However, sometimes these things become our priority. It mostly happens over time. We get too distracted and focus on them. Impatience forces us to give up on God and his time. Thus making us look for other outlets and gods. How can we avoid this? We talk about this and much more. 

Introduction/QOTD: 0:00-18:09

Disclaimer: 18:10-19:30

Topic: 19:31-1:06:03

Who Do You Want To Have As A Guest On The Podcast?/Plugs: 1:06:04-1:23:15

Scriptures Used:

Jonah 2:8

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