Dealing With Changes In Life

2020 has been a very unexpected year. It has filled our lives with twists and turns. I myself, am currently going through a lot. With all of my unexpected life changes, it has me asking myself; how in the world does God expect me to deal with all of this? 2020 has taught me that life keeps going. Through both the good and bad, life keeps going. And sometimes, it’s hard to manage it all. Now, I find myself asking this question a lot. Whether it comes from work, friends, family, the world, or even myself. It at times is just too crazy and overwhelming to manage. But the question still remains, How does God expect me to deal with all of this?

Not alone, that is for sure! God expects us to read the Bible for answers and to pray to Him when we cannot keep going. “The answer to my problems cannot be that simple though. There has to be more. Some secret that I am missing. I’ve prayed and prayed but I keep going through trials. I keep getting hurt and losing things. How does God expect me to deal with all of this?” This is a normal reaction when someone tells you to read the Bible and pray to adjust to the hardships and changes in life. I’ll tell you, that this is the answer though. Is it easy? No. Can we do it? Yes! Let me tell you how.

We have talked about having a solid foundation. This is important. Once you have your foundation in God then you can look at life differently. You can know that no matter what happens, no matter what life life throws at you, God will always be there with you. How strong your foundation in God is, directly equates to your level of faith. There is a reason why in Matthew 17:20 Jesus mentions having the faith of a mustard seed. He tells the disciples about the miracles they will be able to produce with such faith. Verse 21 (NKJV) tells us that prayer and fasting helps produce this faith. The purging of our wants and needs will allow us to get closer to Him. This shows that at the end of the day you will allow His wants and His will to direct your steps. 

Prayer as Jesus mentioned in verse 21 is a key to establishing faith in God. It is the direct line of contact to Him. No matter what is going on in our lives prayer needs to be a daily ritual. If you are feeling happy and blessed then pray with gratitude. If you are feeling down and depressed then pray for relief and understanding. If you are confused about where to go then pray for guidance with your next move. Prayer will allow you to talk to God and seek clarity in ways we as humans cannot even truly comprehend. Philippians 4:7 tells us this.

No matter what is going on in your life having God at the center of it is key. Having the peace of God (Philippians 4:6-8) will allow you to face this rollercoaster that we call life head on. Knowing you are not alone will allow you to see the change as an opportunity. To know that God truly has you in His hands and that He will never put more on you than you can bear. Praying through the obstacles that we face is vital. Reading and understanding the Word of God needs to be done for our growth and strengthening our foundation. 

Facing changes and hardships in life is normal. It’s not easy but we all go through it. Being strong in God will create an easiness within your mind.  Praying through all circumstances whether good or bad will build up your faith in Him! Reading and studying the Bible will allow you to get past any deception that the devil will throw at you. It will allow you to know the truth that God has in store for you through this life! Take time for yourself. This way you can reevaluate what is going on. But in that time do not forget to pray and read the Bible! Reinvigorate and re-strengthen your foundation in God!

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