The Pursuit of Happiness

Often times we find ourselves in areas in our life where we feel unhappy–this is even more so with the current state of the world. Beyond this we have a habit of looking towards things to fill that sense of joy or happiness we seek and it’s usually something that is temporary.

Fill in the blank……what do you do or go when you want to be happy?
For me I tend to go to building model kits, shopping on Amazon, or playing video games online with the guys.
Granted these aren’t all that bad but it is distracting from the real issue at hand and that it ends quick or never starts sometimes due to other obligations–temporary.

Friends as hard as it may be to admit this for some, we can truly find happiness in Christ.
When we think about where is happiness in times of distress we tend to want things to happen right then and now and that isn’t possible at all, this comes over time–as all things do but I’m reminded of a scripture.

Psalms 37:4 “Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” (NIV)

I would like to take a short moment to go over this scripture as many folks have a mindset that Jesus works like a genie granting us wishes on command.

Jesus wants us to turn to him in all seasons in our lives, when we are broken and feel useless, strong and rich, or even when we are going with the motions. We look for some many other ways to be happy but often times it’s a detriment to our well-being and Christ wants only the best for us.

How do I find my happiness then? well I’m glad you asked because I can’t answer that for you as we are all different and we all have to take our own personal journey with Christ and trust me when I tell you this. When we allow Christ to lead our life we won’t have to pursue happiness, happiness will find us more often than not.

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